Treegar harnesses innovation to deepen access to global capital markets

Treegar, an investment company, said it continues to adopt innovative strategies to help people invest in the global stock market.

Ayo Ogunlowo, the co-founder of Treegar, said the company was founded to simplify capital markets investing for investors while providing access to global capital markets in the most transparent and cost-effective way.

Ogunlowo said investing in stocks provides a secure future, potentially high returns, beats inflation and makes an investor part-owner of a business.

Inflation is almost inevitable, he says, but investing in stocks offers a silver lining.

“If you keep part of your income in a safe and open it after a year, that same amount of money will have lost its value due to the current rate of inflation. Putting aside a portion of your earnings in the stock market allows you to do two smart things: grow your dollar money and preserve wealth by protecting it against inflation,” he said.

The Treegar co-founder said growing your wealth in the 21st century as a millennial or a seasoned veteran doesn’t have to be complicated and that’s what Treegar stands for.

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“As the world continues to ride the digital wave, there has been a steady shift from traditional investment methods to the new era that Treegar offers. We have a clear mission to provide Africans with access to global financial markets in the most transparent and cost-effective way possible,” Ogunlowo said.

He advised that instead of having some of his money stored in a savings account where it is inflation-sensitive, a wiser decision would be to redirect those funds into investments like US stocks to ensure a financial future without inflation.

He compared the popular saying that small drops of water make an ocean to growing wealth, pointing out that one could start investing with as little as $1 (one dollar) on Treegar and increase the level of investment over time.

While urging potential investors to start trading using trustworthy and trustworthy platforms such as Treegar, Ayo said investors don’t need to break their backs to start investing and the company can connect investors to more than 8,000 companies listed on US and local stock exchanges.