The tombstoNFT of FTX investors | FinancialTimes

Exclusive to FT Alphaville, we are delighted to reveal a digital gravestone in commemoration of those who invested their own money and that of others in the collapsed crypto exchange FTX:

Minted in virtual plastic from 100% blockchain, this precious memento provides an everlasting memory of the biggest crypto scandal of the year. so far. The names it registers have been carefully hand-selected by artisan paralegals from public records, including the series of FTX B, B1 and VS funding round announcements.

The tombstoNFT FTX bag holder is a strictly limited edition of only one. Bidding on OpenSea is Openwith all proceeds returned to preferred stockholders on a first-come, first-served basis (and subject to informing us of your due diligence process).

Don’t miss what might (but probably won’t be) your only chance to grab a memento of monumental fiduciary neglect that will surely become a treasured family heirloom unless the image server goes offline, in which case sorry but no repayment.

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