*This content is brought to you by Overberg Asset Management By Nick Downing* The full-scale Russian invasion took most political analysts by surprise. The consensus view was that Putin was all bluster about getting concessions from NATO. When the invasion began on February 24, most analysts thought the war wouldRead More →

It has been two weeks since the world woke up to the terrible news of a Russian attack on Ukraine. Notwithstanding the incalculable costs in terms of human lives, as well as human capital and physical infrastructure, we have witnessed much turbulence in the financial markets. So what has happenedRead More →

Negotiators considering taking companies public through Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) mergers are struggling to find investors and have struck short-term deals with alternative asset managers and private equity groups, the Financial Times reported Monday, March 7. The deals showed the difficulties faced by SPACs – publicly traded shell companiesRead More →

As New Jersey leaders seek to ban public entities in the state from doing business with Russia, Gov. Phil Murphy said Friday he has no personal government-related investments in the country. “We don’t,” said Murphy, a multi-millionaire former Wall Street executive, when asked the question during his last – andRead More →

Sean Gladwell | time | Getty Images Escalating tensions between Russia and Ukraine sent stock markets lower again on Wednesday. Many individual investors are personally feeling the recent market declines triggered by geopolitical risks, particularly with regard to their retirement account balances. Financial advisers say this could actually be anRead More →

For many, the primary purpose of investing is to generate returns above those of the overall market. But in any portfolio, results will be mixed between individual stocks. At this point, some shareholders may be questioning their investment in Highwoods Properties, Inc. (NYSE:HIW), as the past five years have seenRead More →

If you’re wondering how to pick stocks, chances are you already know that. The question is not How? ‘Or’ What to choose stocks. The question is or look for stocks. Sometimes the market can be confusing. You can keep it simple by sticking to the stocks of companies you’re familiarRead More →

Gabaix and Koijen calculated the effects of fund flows on individual prices as well as the market as a whole. They used a variety of data sources – putting together a picture using various public documents and reports containing information on holdings and flows in the stock and bond markets,Read More →

by Barbara Jacquelyn Sahakian, Fabio Cuzzolin, Wojtek Buczynski, The Conversation Suitable for Zstudio/Shutterstock“width=”800” height=”394″/> AI is all about analyzing huge amounts of data, so why isn’t it used more in trading? Credit: Fit Zstudio/Shutterstock Artificial Intelligence (AI) has now closely matched or even surpassed humans in what were previously consideredRead More →

The UK’s FTSE100 was the only market to stay below its pre-pandemic value in 2021 (Photo: Carl Court/Getty Images) But comparing the state of UK financial markets with Europe and the US can give us a clearer picture. This image is complex, but disturbing. Of the three broadly similar economicRead More →

Historical crises are consummate teachers, and this is especially true in the financial sector, where failures are too often duplicated with often devastating consequences. international banker has compiled a series of articles focusing on many of the most impactful financial calamities, frauds and scandals of the 20and and 21st centuries,Read More →

How “Stablecoins” Could Trigger Chaos October 07, 2021 Dollar pegged cryptocurrencies are proliferating rapidly. But without regulation, these so-called stablecoins pose serious risks to the US financial system, argue Gary B. Gorton of Yale SOM and his co-author. Should governments print money to survive the pandemic? March 22, 2021 CentralRead More →