To get an idea of ​​who really controls China Financial International Investments Limited (HKG:721), it is important to understand the ownership structure of the company. We can see that individual investors hold the lion’s share of the company with 55% ownership. In other words, the group is likely to gainRead More →

The threat of a Russian sovereign debt default is near, but investors are not panicking so far over a potential hit to global financial markets. “While a default is symbolic, it seems unlikely to have significant ramifications, both in Russia and elsewhere,” William Jackson, chief emerging markets economist at CapitalRead More →

*This content is brought to you by Overberg Asset Management By Nick Downing* The full-scale Russian invasion took most political analysts by surprise. The consensus view was that Putin was all bluster about getting concessions from NATO. When the invasion began on February 24, most analysts thought the war wouldRead More →

CAI MENG/CHINA DAILY Foreign institutions increased their holdings of domestic yuan-denominated bonds for 10 consecutive months, rising by 66.3 trillion yuan ($10.49 billion) to 4.07 trillion yuan at the end of January, China’s Bond program showed. Connect. Among them, foreign institutions’ bonds on deposit with China Central Depository & ClearingRead More →

Investment portfolios are subject to legislative risks because the government. can make sudden changes Investment portfolios are subject to legislative risks because the government. can make sudden changes The government can change rules and regulations or even introduce new laws. Some of them might come at an unexpected time. WhenRead More →

To get an idea of ​​who really controls DRI Healthcare Trust (TSE:DHT.U), it is important to understand the ownership structure of the company. We can see that institutions hold the lion’s share of the business with 59% ownership. In other words, the group faces the maximum upside potential (or downsideRead More →

Since the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian war, global capital markets had experienced the initial plunge on February 24, then stabilized and rebounded on the second trading day of February 25. The three major U.S. stock indexes closed collectively, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P 500 and Nasdaq up 2.51%,Read More →

Adrian Day reviews two of his global investments, “one with a rock-solid dividend, the other with an attractive albeit less certain yield.” There’s a lot going on in the world and in the markets right now. Many investors want to be more defensive and focus on dividends at a timeRead More →

The fight against covid-19 is not over and a new fight is beginning in Russia and Ukraine. It is understood that these behaviors are part of history and that at present, one must have a cool head to be able to invest wisely in these products which offer support forRead More →

Strengthens SJI’s ability to deliver safe, reliable, and affordable clean energy, including achieving critical decarbonization efforts by 2040 February 24, 2022 Folsom-based South Jersey Industries, Inc. has entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired by the Infrastructure Investment Fund (IIF), a private investment vehicle focused on investing in criticalRead More →

Sean Gladwell | time | Getty Images Escalating tensions between Russia and Ukraine sent stock markets lower again on Wednesday. Many individual investors are personally feeling the recent market declines triggered by geopolitical risks, particularly with regard to their retirement account balances. Financial advisers say this could actually be anRead More →

For many, the primary purpose of investing is to generate returns above those of the overall market. But in any portfolio, results will be mixed between individual stocks. At this point, some shareholders may be questioning their investment in Highwoods Properties, Inc. (NYSE:HIW), as the past five years have seenRead More →

SINGAPORE (The Straits Times/Asia News Network) Although Singapore has never relied solely on lower taxes to attract international investment, a global minimum corporate tax rate will have an impact, and that means the Republic must redouble its efforts to strengthen other competitive factors such as infrastructure and workforce capabilities. FinanceRead More →

© Reuters. FILE PHOTO: European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen speaks during the annual Munich Security Conference, in Munich, Germany February 19, 2022. REUTERS/Andreas Gebert/File Photo BERLIN (Reuters) – European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has unveiled some details of the sanctions Moscow will face if it invadesRead More →

By Express press service VIJAYAWADA: Expo Dubai, which lasted a week and ended on February 17, brought good results for the industrial sector of Andhra Pradesh. The state has exchanged memorandums of understanding with five major companies – Regency Group (for retail hypermarkets and food processing unit), Mulk Holdings (manufacturingRead More →

If you’re wondering how to pick stocks, chances are you already know that. The question is not How? ‘Or’ What to choose stocks. The question is or look for stocks. Sometimes the market can be confusing. You can keep it simple by sticking to the stocks of companies you’re familiarRead More →

The FY23 budget demonstrates the government’s commitment to directing its policies and funds to areas of high growth. The Union government has presented an investment-oriented budget with an emphasis on preparing for the future. Increased public investment and capital expenditures are expected to push combined public capital expenditures (Center andRead More →

Outside an onshore oil well in his home state of Tabasco last March, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador made familiar promises to stop Mexico’s energy privatization and save the country’s oil industry for the people. “We’re saving Pemex and we’re saving the nation,” he said, nodding to the national oilRead More →

Greece recorded a positive investment record last year, with figures from Eurostat and the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT) matching European Commission estimates of an economic growth rate of 8, 5% last year in Greece, the second highest in the eurozone. The data shows that the increase in investment in theRead More →

We have experienced significant market volatility over the past two years, which affects not only our current financial plans, but also our long-term investments and retirement goals. Navigating the uncertainty surrounding inflation and taxes can feel overwhelming, but it’s wise to consider preparing your financial assets for the unpredictability ofRead More →

It’s easy to match the overall market return by buying an index fund. While individual stocks can be big winners, many others fail to generate satisfactory returns. Unfortunately the SI-BONE, Inc. (NASDAQ:SIBN) stock price fell 36% year-over-year. This is disappointing considering that the market returned 4.8%. Longer-term investors are faringRead More →

Gabaix and Koijen calculated the effects of fund flows on individual prices as well as the market as a whole. They used a variety of data sources – putting together a picture using various public documents and reports containing information on holdings and flows in the stock and bond markets,Read More →

DUBAI, 30th January, 2022 (WAM) — Dubai has continued to maintain its leading position among the world’s preferred destinations for foreign direct investment (FDI), attracting AED15.9 billion ($4.3 billion) in FDI capital inflows from 378 projects in the first nine months of 2021, a significant increase from the same periodRead More →

//php echo do_shortcode(‘[responsivevoice_button voice=”US English Male” buttontext=”Listen to Post”]’) ?> Texas Instrument’s fourth-quarter revenue beat expectations, beating estimates of $1.94 per share on $4.4 billion in sales with earnings of $2.27 per share on $4.83 billion dollars in revenue, an increase of 19% over a year ago. The company attributedRead More →

My InvestorPlace colleague, Alex Sirois, prepared me perfectly for my last commentary on Sofi Technologies (NASDAQ:SOFI) Inventory. Source: rafapress/ Sirois recently discussed the flow state. In particular, he had a lot to say about obtaining the company’s bank charter. “Even with the banking charter, SoFi remains a fintech company, whichRead More →

The UK’s FTSE100 was the only market to stay below its pre-pandemic value in 2021 (Photo: Carl Court/Getty Images) But comparing the state of UK financial markets with Europe and the US can give us a clearer picture. This image is complex, but disturbing. Of the three broadly similar economicRead More →

One of my favorite stories recently was of the Professional Bull Riders unveiling their PBR Team series and establishing a franchise-based approach for their business. There are many things that I liked. First, look at the quality of property that Endeavor-owned PBR recruited and convinced to pay a $3 millionRead More →

Historical crises are consummate teachers, and this is especially true in the financial sector, where failures are too often duplicated with often devastating consequences. international banker has compiled a series of articles focusing on many of the most impactful financial calamities, frauds and scandals of the 20and and 21st centuries,Read More →

Summary Focus Early warning indicators for financial crises are important elements for central bankers to guide macroprudential policies. One of these indicators – the deviation of the credit-to-GDP ratio from a long-term trend, in short, the credit-to-GDP spread – is very useful in this regard. Basel III therefore suggests thatRead More →

The current health crisis, with its long-term repercussions on the political structure of countries, offers new avenues for researchers to understand how political systems interact with financial players. The topic was recently discussed at the inaugural London Workshop on Political Finance (POLFIN), which reached an international audience of over 200Read More →

Focus Growth and productivity are consistently weak following financial crises. This article examines how financial crises affect innovation. Patents are an important measure of the type of innovative activity that can lead to productivity gains. We study patent data from a large sample of countries and financial crises and examineRead More →