The threat of a Russian sovereign debt default is near, but investors are not panicking so far over a potential hit to global financial markets. “While a default is symbolic, it seems unlikely to have significant ramifications, both in Russia and elsewhere,” William Jackson, chief emerging markets economist at CapitalRead More →

Since the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian war, global capital markets had experienced the initial plunge on February 24, then stabilized and rebounded on the second trading day of February 25. The three major U.S. stock indexes closed collectively, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P 500 and Nasdaq up 2.51%,Read More →

Investors were already nervous about interest rate hikes before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine sent markets spiraling. Wall Street ended sharply higher on Wednesday after Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell signaled that the central bank would likely raise interest rates less than some investors feared. Powell’s comments, in testimony before theRead More →

Sean Gladwell | time | Getty Images Escalating tensions between Russia and Ukraine sent stock markets lower again on Wednesday. Many individual investors are personally feeling the recent market declines triggered by geopolitical risks, particularly with regard to their retirement account balances. Financial advisers say this could actually be anRead More →

Traders are pricing in simmering geopolitical tensions over Ukraine and the US Federal Reserve’s policy decision. Through Rita NazareBloomberg Posted on February 14, 2022February 14, 2022 Stocks faced another session of wild swings as traders assessed the latest geopolitical developments amid concerns over a Federal Reserve policy error. After aRead More →

Environmental, Social and Governance “ESG” funds are an attractive avenue for investors looking for responsible investment choices. While banks and other financial institutions have responded positively to increased demand for such funds, forays into greener and more socially responsible landscapes will not come without associated litigation risk. With the increasedRead More →

A phone conversation Saturday between President Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin did nothing to ease the tension over a massive Russian military buildup around Ukraine, a senior administration official told reporters. The standoff prepared investors for further volatility this week, with stocks already struggling amid inflation concerns and signalsRead More →

The UK’s FTSE100 was the only market to stay below its pre-pandemic value in 2021 (Photo: Carl Court/Getty Images) But comparing the state of UK financial markets with Europe and the US can give us a clearer picture. This image is complex, but disturbing. Of the three broadly similar economicRead More →

Historical crises are consummate teachers, and this is especially true in the financial sector, where failures are too often duplicated with often devastating consequences. international banker has compiled a series of articles focusing on many of the most impactful financial calamities, frauds and scandals of the 20and and 21st centuries,Read More →

Until the eve of the crisis of 1929, the worst that America had ever known, everything was rosy. Cars and construction flourished in the 1920s, and strong jobs in both industries helped raise wages and consumption. Ford was making 9,000 of its Model T cars a day, and spending onRead More →