Oswego tourism booms after millions in investment

Tourism is a multi-billion dollar industry in New York State. One Central New York City is trying to capitalize on millions in investments.

“So strategically, I think this summer of this year is more important than any other year because after two years of the COVID pandemic, people are more eager than ever to get out and be active,” Mayor Billy said. Barlow.

Barlow in the town of Oswego worked to bring people back to the port town. The indoor water park is still a few months away, but there are new outdoor park amenities, growing local business districts, and a summer full of live entertainment.

“We’re already seeing some of the return on that investment, but we still have word-of-mouth ways to get people here to see all the changes we’ve made,” Barlow added.

These changes heavily fueled by state and federal funding are also aided by incoming taxes and tourism dollars, like the financial cycle. The goal this summer is to shake things up.

“When we try to bring these sets of projects together. What we’re trying to do is number one, give our residents things to do year round, but also get people from all over central New York to buy land in the Syracuse area and also boat on Lake Ontario,” Barlow said.

Either avenue can take you to the weekly Farmer’s Market where Paine Farms distributes fresh produce from their farm in nearby Fulton.

“It’s nice to be able to show why you can grow it and be able to sell it and see people buying it and wanting to eat it,” said Jeremy Paine, selling everything from beans to zucchini and corn on the cob by a hot month of July. Thursday. “I’m busier than last year the year before.”

Just down the block is Salina’s Sweet Creations more than happy to see the bustling crowd.

“It’s definitely better this year. Last year it was a little spotty, people were still a little nervous going out and coming in,” said owner Saline Kellison. “Especially being a home-based business, it was a bit more difficult.”

Although there are events like this everywhere. Anything that brings people to a place is good for local businesses and the community.

“I’ve definitely had quite a few out-of-town clients. So I really think those little little things that I want to say make a little lakeside town that much more appealing,” she said. declared.

A big draw this year, the new tiki spins on Lake Ontario, something Captain Dan Burdick leads and can talk to sold-out crowds about their experience elsewhere in the port city.

“Oswego has something for everyone right now,” he said. “I mean it was 10 years ago people were trying to figure out what special beers were and now this is where the live music is what a night I mean it’s amazing here.”

These tours on the water and around town give a perspective on life through the pandemic.

“All the people come out to be neighbors, you know, I mean it wasn’t, you know, a few years ago where we didn’t have your neighbors, you didn’t talk to him really a lot. You kinda hide in your own little circle.

The more tourism revenue increases, the better the quality of life in the city, county and region.

“The improvements we’ve made will only continue in the form of more tourism dollars, more visitors, more happy residents,” Barlow added. “Not just this year, but many more years to come.”