Best Quant Trading Broker: Lime Financial

Lime Financial has won Best Quant Trading Broker at the 2022 Markets Choice Awards.

Traders Magazine speaks with Johan Sandblom, Business Development Manager at Lime Trading Corp., to learn more.

What trading solutions and tools do you offer? What is unique?

We offer a range of ways for customers to interact with Lime’s low latency solution, from APIs to screen-based applications. Lime is a technology-driven brokerage with a one-stop-shop offering, which makes us different! Customers can code to us through Python, C++, Java, and C#, as well as through FIX and REST endpoints. Additionally, we offer a variety of direct exchange binary protocols for those who want the most optimized performance. We pride ourselves on our versatility and have developed an options toolkit to suit all trading styles. In addition to API options, we offer both VPN and exchange colocation in the three major equity data centers, Carteret, Secaucus and Mahwah. We also offer normalized or raw market data solutions, as well as a variety of clearing alternatives. Clients can deal with one company to get everything they need, making it much easier for them to focus on trading and their alpha.

What are your recent accomplishments at Lime Trading Corp. ?

We have accomplished a lot in the first months of the year. In addition to an average of more than 2 billion actions executed in each of the first three months of the year, we have expanded the offer by securing access to additional sites (MEMX, MIAX, Intelligent Cross ), offering a virtual private server setup that makes it possible for customers to be co-located without purchasing their own server. This gives customers new ways to interact with Lime through the C# and Python APIs.

2022 was also a very active trading period, as the volatility index was higher than it has been for many years. It is during these times that you need a broker you can rely on, a broker that has tested the technology, and a stable broker with a robust system that can handle millions of daily messages without interruption.

Our ability to serve our demanding clientele without any issues is a testament to our technology and its inherently scalable design. Our clients depend on a reliable broker with a proven track record of stability and performance in highly volatile sessions.

What are the main trends in quantitative trading?

The stability and flexibility of our offering has always been important to our client base, but even more so in the last year or so when volatility is so high. You need to be able to trade when you need to trade and interact with your broker in a variety of ways including direct market access, smart routers, benchmark algos, dark pools and ATS where clients can trade to access liquidity. Lime offers it all. We are proud to have a proven solution that is among the best on the market in terms of flexibility and performance. We have a well-known latency profile that has an aggressive mean and tight standard deviation, all of which are proactively monitored.

What are the needs of quantitative investors and how does Lime Trading Corp. help meet these needs?

The growing number of retail traders over the years has led many of these more sophisticated traders to use an API that is supposed to filter trade. Lime has an API offering that caters to all quantitative traders, from the most basic to the most sophisticated.

To make it easy for any quantitative trader to interact with Lime, we now offer ways to interact with us through C#, Python, C++, FIX, REST, and Binary Terminals. We also have a virtual private server offering targeting customers who want to be co-located on one of the exchanges, sitting right next to the exchange matching engine, without having to purchase their own server. At Lime, we try to help smaller quants grow and get the same experience as very sophisticated traders.

What is your outlook for quantitative trading?

We believe that quantitative traders will continue to grow in the future. Lime wants to be part of their success by offering a stable and flexible setup to help them find the right trading solution for their strategies.

Lime is also working to bring the sophisticated technology enjoyed by quants to retail. We actively develop trading tools that allow retail traders access to speed and scale, regardless of their strategy.

Securities are offered by Lime Trading Corp., Member FINRA & SIPC, NFA, Lime Advisory Corp is an SEC registered investment adviser. and Lime FinTech is a technology company. Known collectively as “Lime Financial” or “Lime”, they provide various trading services, investment advice and technology solutions, including web and mobile trading applications, to retail and institutional investors.