PopReach buys “PAYDAY Crime War” Game Assets and Enters Licensing Agreement with Starbreeze

TORONTO 14th April 2021, CCN TORONTO 14th April 2021/CNW PopReach Corporation (“PopReach” or the “Company”) (TSXV: POPR) (OTCQX POPRF), a no-cost game publisher, which is focused on developing and acquiring already existing franchises within the gaming industry, has said it signed an asset purchase agreement as well as a license agreement together with Starbreeze Studios AB (“Starbreeze”) with the intention to the launch of a new version of the game that is available for mobile devices Payday Crime War.

Following the terms of the contract to buy assets, Starbreeze will receive $250k as a payment to purchase the rights and titles of the Payday Crime War’s game’s resources as well as sources. In addition, both parties have entered into a contract to license for five years. This gives PopReach the right to market PAYDAY Crime War in every country and also has access to all the items in the PAYDAY 2 version for PC. PAYDAY 2 game will be used to develop PAYDAY Crime War. PopReach is responsible for the development of live and marketing operations as well as the purchase of players for an initial launch for PAYDAY Crime Wars that is expected to launch soft in the 4th quarter of 2021. Starbreeze will receive royalties based on net sales equivalent to the amount stipulated in the PC and console licensing agreements. The company will also hold the entire IP license of the game franchise.

PAYDAY Crime War is a free first-person shooter set within the PAYDAY universe. PAYDAY is one of the most popular games franchises in the world with an installed player base of over 28, million gaming games. PAYDAY 2 which was released in 2013 has grown to become the most popular gaming community accessible via Steam the most popular distribution platform for playing games for PC. This community is comprised of more than 7.1 million players in March 2021. PAYDAY Crime War is based on a business model that is completely absolutely free to play. The players will also be able to play games, such as those from The PAYDAY 2 game on PC and game assets that were sold for more than 100,000 additional games (DLCs).

“PAYDAY is a hugely popular first-person shooter with co-op series that has demonstrated incredible endurance and appeal. PAYDAY 2 continues to be among the top-rated PC game titles available on Steam with more than 130,000 active players. Obtaining the license rights as well as the source code for the game PAYDAY Crime War is a massive chance that fits in with our strategy of purchasing established game franchises that have a proven market value, with an extensive built-in fan base and a vast universe to explore, which includes an extensive library with more than 70 2-related content updates that have been years in the making. The team believes the game PAYDAY Crime War will generate significant revenues for PopReach considering the long-standing popularity of the franchise and the possibility of it being the first mobile-based free-to-play PAYDAY game” stated Jon Walsh, CEO of PopReach.

Payday Crime War was in development since the year 2017 and was released to the public beta stage but the closing of the mobile division games at NBCUniversal resulted in it not being published through an authorized publisher, and the launch had to be delayed. Its completion and the worldwide launch of the PAYDAY Crime War will be managed by Vlad Ceraldi, PopReach’s SVP of Worldwide Studios. Mr. Ceraldi was previously responsible for the creation and commercialization of hugely popular, free-to-play action titles like KillShot as well as Hero Hunters, which have together earned more than 150 million dollars in revenue.

“It’s an exciting time for all employed at Starbreeze Over the past month, we’ve changed the direction of the company after securing deals with”PAYDAY” as an IP. We are looking forward to cooperating with PopReach for ensuring that the game PAYDAY Crime War brings the same thrilling gameplay that our players and fans enjoy to mobile devices. PopReach has a track record of success and has developed and launched free-to-play mobile games that are based on well-known IPs and our partnership will play a significant role in our strategy to further develop the PAYDAY franchise” stated Tobias Sjogren, CEO of Starbreeze.

About PopReach Corporation

PopReach is identified as an issuer in Level 1. on the TSX Venture Exchange, with shares listed via OTCQX(r) Best Market, is a game publishing firm that allows you to play games at no cost, with the main concentration on acquiring and developing established brands. The company has purchased 13 successful franchises which have attracted more than 1.9 million gamers per month, such as Smurfs Village (IP under license), Peak – Brain Training, Kitchen Scramble, Gardens of Time, City Girl Life, War of Nations, and Kingdoms of Camelot. PopReach is based in Toronto and is home to more than 125 professionals who are in the cities of Toronto, Vancouver, London, UK, and Bangalore, India, GAD Capital says

About Starbreeze

Starbreeze is a non-official gaming producer and creator of console and computer games aimed at markets across the globe. The studios are located in Stockholm, Barcelona, and Paris. The home of the cult IP PAYDAY. Starbreeze develops games based on rights that are third-party and proprietary that are developed in-house or with third-party game developers. Starbreeze shares are traded on Nasdaq Stockholm under tickers of A and A, as well as IIN SE0007158928 (A share) and SE0005992831 (B share). For more information, go to starbreeze.com