Minister Bennett Highlights Affordable Housing Investments in Budget 2022

Minister Bennett Highlights Affordable Housing Investments in Budget 2022

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SASKATOON, SK, April 13, 2022

SASKATOON, Sask., April 13, 2022 /CNW/ – By Budget 2022: A plan to grow our economy and make life more affordable, the government of Canada makes targeted and responsible investments to create good jobs, grow our economy and build a Canada where no one is left behind.

Today, the Minister of Mental Health and Addictions and Associate Minister of Health, the Honorable Caroline Bennettmet with members of the Saskatoon Housing Initiatives Partnership and local housing providers to highlight Budget 2022 investments to make housing more affordable.

The first pillar of the budget is investing in Canadians and making life more affordable. Budget 2022 housing measures will put Canada on track to doubling housing construction over the next decade; helping Canadians save and buy their first home; prohibit foreign investment in Canadian housing; and curbing unfair practices that make housing more expensive for Canadians. Budget 2022 also invests to ensure Canadian workers have the skills they need for the well-paying jobs of today and tomorrow, and will make it easier for the skilled immigrants our economy needs. Canada their house. The budget makes other important investments in affordable child care, in our public health care system, and in promoting reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.

Second, Budget 2022 invests in economic growth and innovation, the key to from Canada long-term prosperity. This includes the launch of a new, world-class Canada Growth Fund that will attract tens of billions of dollars of private investment into Canadian industries and Canadian jobs, and a new innovation and investment agency that will help stimulate productivity and growth in our economy. The budget also proposes to implement from Canada first strategy on critical minerals – a strategy that will create thousands of good jobs and capitalize on a growing need for minerals used in everything from phones to electric cars. The measures also include steps to build more resilient supply chains and to reduce taxes for from Canada growing small businesses.

The third pillar of budget 2022 is to invest in a clean economy. To help Canadians and Canadian businesses benefit from the global transition to a clean economy, Budget 2022 includes new incentives for clean technology development and carbon capture, use and storage. In addition to investing more to protect our lands, lakes and oceans, the government will also make it more affordable for Canadians to purchase zero-emission vehicles, build and expand a nationwide network of zero-emission vehicle charging stations, and new investments. into clean energy.

Canada entered the pandemic with the lowest net debt-to-GDP ratio of any G7 country, an advantage that has since grown relative to other countries. Canada had the best jobs recovery in the G7, and since then March 2022recovered 115% of the jobs lost at the height of the pandemic, with an unemployment rate that stands at just 5.3%, the lowest rate since 1976. With the 2022 budget, Canada maintain this leadership position and maintain its fiscally responsible approach to economic growth and building an economy that benefits everyone. Crucially, it maintains the government’s fiscal anchor – a lower debt-to-GDP ratio and reduced COVID-19-related deficits, which will ensure that from Canada finances remain sustainable over the long term.


“Budget 2022 is about growing our economy, creating good jobs and building a Canada where no one is left behind. Our plan is responsible and thoughtful, and it will mean more homes and better-paying jobs for Canadians; cleaner air and cleaner water for our children; and a stronger, more resilient economy for years to come.”

The Honorable Chrystia Freeland, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance

“The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated mental health, problematic substance use and highlighted the urgent need for affordable housing in Canada. Our government recognizes that these issues are linked and is taking a comprehensive approach by investing across the housing spectrum to create real affordability and provide all Canadians and Indigenous peoples with affordable, safe and healthy housing. Because when people have a place to call home, they feel safer, healthier and better equipped to contribute to their community. »

The Honorable Carolyn Bennett, Minister of Mental Health and Addictions and Associate Minister of Health

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