Justin Furniel on pandemic rebound through equity investments

Justin Furniel’s life was that of a typical student before the pandemic. He took classes at Valencia College, earned a degree in business administration under finance, and eventually got a job at the bank. However, in 2020, like many others, he lost his job during the pandemic and decided to return home to his family. In financial desperation, Justin acted faithfully and decided to trade and invest more in stocks during one of the worst stock market declines in history, despite being told it would be a bad idea.

Furniel earned tens of thousands of dollars trading stocks like Tesla and Amazon in less than a year, then used the profits from his trades to buy rental properties, now having more than half a million invested in l real estate at the age of twenty-six. Additionally, he used his experience and knowledge of the stock market to create his website PushAndProfit.com to help educate young people about trading and investing in the stock market.

“What sets me apart from others who have tried stock trading is that I take trading seriously and treat it more like a business. Every night I study trends and plan my trades for the next day said the young stock market investor “I will spend an unhealthy amount of time researching, sometimes even skipping a meal or losing sleep and becoming more mindful or efficient in whatever I pursue. I often go beyond that.” expectations to maximize results on whatever I work on.”

Furniel’s journey into finance began much earlier when he enrolled in a personal finance course in high school, which sparked his interest in pursuing his major at Valencia College. During his freshman year of college, he first learned about dividend stocks, but it wasn’t until November 2016 that he bought his first stock, a Microsoft stock, for 60.47 $. Although he has an interest in stocks, it wasn’t until 2020 that he started pouring every dollar Furniel had into the market as it crashed, the confidence that his trade positions would greatly appreciate in because of a famous quote he had once heard from Warren Buffet. which says “Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful.”

After earning tens of thousands of dollars by trading stocks like Tesla and Amazon during the pandemic and then using the profits to buy real estate, earning him a real estate portfolio of more than half a million t twenty-six years old, Furniel started creating his PushAndProfit website. com. The goal of the website is to help accelerate the learning curve that comes with trading and investing in the stock market and to build a strong trading community.

Furniel is dedicated to teaching others the tools used to build wealth, primarily because many Americans these days struggle to live paycheck to paycheck, with that number increasing month by month. another because of rapid inflation. Furniel’s goal is to get people interested in the stock market from an early age; this way, wealth can start accumulating at a much earlier rate by using digestible financial content effectively.

“Five years from now, I probably see myself being a lot richer because stocks and real estate tend to have this special leverage, but more importantly, I see myself playing more of a social leadership role in helping the community,” Justin adds. . “I see myself becoming a more philanthropic identity as I slowly realize that money doesn’t satisfy me, but being rich in good character and helping others satisfies me much more.”

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