HJH Investments Introduces its Revolutionary Tracking Token

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Any merchant interested in purchasing the token must download the Coinbase app and add funds. Following this step, it would be necessary to obtain the MetaMask app and transfer USDC and ETH (for gas fees) from Coinbase to the wallet. Finally, users will need to access an exchange portal (SushiSwap or UniSwap) and connect their crypto wallet to purchase the HJHRE token.

Buyers can quickly search for the token using its address, which is 0xd2320df6602B5D0BAEA496d2697291a2264150A4.

Features Featured by HJH Team

This new coin aims to incorporate features of the stock market, real estate, and ETFs using cryptocurrency.

Specifically, the team integrated the following aspects of several marketplaces into the project:

  • Stock market: HJH Real token uses formulas as targeted metrics to assess market valuation (e.g. price-earnings ratio).
  • ETF: the token is designed to track a collection of investments across a set of data points.
  • Real estate: the real estate portfolio of HJH Investments is subject to an ETF-type monitoring system

The purchase of HJHRE is not an investment in the real estate assets of HJH Investments. Purchasing the token gives users access to the performance of HJH Investments’ real estate portfolio. In order to employ a robust tracking mechanism, the project proposes a dual pricing system:

  • Real estate asset and income (REI) pricing can be thought of as a price-earnings ratio logic applied to the real estate industry.
  • Proof of Volume (POV) divides a well-documented statistical coefficient (i.e. 5,764,801) by the total HJREs traded or offered in the market. The numerator was chosen to reflect the volume of transactions without overloading the REI amount.

The HRH Real Token was launched on March 31, 2022, with approximately 400 million coins already in circulation. The developers have made sure that the maximum supply of the HJH Real token will never exceed 1.2 billion units.

For the remaining tokens, a mining method will be used. As a result, the system was designed to get harder and harder over time.

The tokens will be mined when HJH buys more real estate, as token and real estate prices are linked. The team will review this number quarterly and adjust the token supply accordingly.

The mining mechanism will be based on market prices and the POV system. The team will divide the real estate purchase activity by the highest number.

HJH Investments is a commercial real estate investment firm based in Wichita, Kansas. Tenant credit, NN or NNN is the specialty of HJH. To date, HJH has attracted over 300 accredited investors nationwide and has a portfolio of over $400 million.

Anyone interested in following the project can explore HJH Real Token Website or visit the HJH Investments social pages at the links below.

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