DL Holdings to cooperate with Harvest Global Capital Investments to expand capital market investment business

HONG KONG, April 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — DL Holdings has announced the April 29 that the company has signed an agreement with Harvest Global Capital Investments Limited (HGCI) to reach a strategic partnership. The two sides will initiate comprehensive cooperation to jointly develop capital market investment business, including but not limited to distribution, joint investment and warehousing strategy, and focus on real estate, artificial intelligence, healthcare, carbon neutrality, green finance and ESG.

Joseph LangGroup Executive Director of DL Holdings and CEO of DL Securities, said that “DL Holdings is a listed company that provides one-stop financial services for high net worth clients in Asia. Strategic cooperation with HGCI can provide mutual benefits and increase more stable and high-yield investment opportunities for shareholders and investors. »

Li Jiewei, head of HGCI’s investment department, said Harvest pursues an aggressive and stable investment philosophy and is committed to creating sustainable risk-adjusted returns to meet clients’ investment goals. He believes the cooperation between the two parties will provide more fruitful investment opportunities in the future.

With rich experience, professional team, good reputation and strict risk control, DL Holdings provides HGCI with excellent capital market investment opportunities and post-investment management services. Harvest Global Capital Investments’ comprehensive investment and research coverage can also provide DL Holdings with competitive and unique market insights and insights.

According to the announcement, HGCI is licensed by the Securities and Futures Commission to hong kong (“SFC”) for type 1 (securities trading), type 4 (securities advice) and type 9 (asset management) regulated activities. Focusing on the “one kilometer before and after IPO” strategy, HGCI has realized the business interaction between the primary market and the secondary market by building a diversified business structure including private equity as the cornerstone and anchor investment of listed companies, private placement, mergers and acquisitions, strategic investment of listed companies, joint reform of public enterprises, real estate investment and financing.

DL Holdings is listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (1709.HK). Subsidiaries of DL Holdings are licensed by the SFC for Type 1, Type 4, Type 6 and Type 9 regulated activities, providing family offices, securities investments, asset management, private equity funds diversified and other services. Since its inception, DL Holdings has been committed to discovering, cultivating and developing businesses with excellent potential and high quality, focusing on developing the succession structure and overall asset allocation for families of entrepreneurs, and by successfully carrying out the cross-development of businesses and the intergenerational transmission of family assets. Assets under management and investments of DL Holdings exceeded $3 billion.

SOURCE DL Holdings