Crypto to Surpass Traditional Investments as Digital Currencies Will Be Adopted by the Mainstream within a Decade

Crypto to Surpass Traditional Investments as Digital Currencies Will Be Adopted by the Mainstream within a Decade

Eighty-eight percent of institutional respondents and 75 percent of retail investors believe crypto could be adopted by the mainstream within 10 years.

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) are gaining acceptance in the financial community, with a number of banking giants already offering crypto-related services to their customer base. A new survey reveals that investors expect digital currencies to become mainstream and even surpass traditional investment vehicles within ten years.

A Crypto Pulse survey recently released by Bitstamp revealed that institutional and retail investors believe crypto will overtake traditional investment vehicles within a decade. In fact, institutions are more optimistic, with 80% of institutional respondents believing this could happen in ten years, compared to 54% of retail investors who answered yes to the question, according to Cointelegraph.

Investors also believe that mainstream adoption of crypto could happen in the same timeframe. Among institutional investors, 88% believe this could happen within the next 10 years, while 75% of individuals responded the same way.

“In recent years, cryptocurrencies have moved from the periphery of the financial ecosystem to the forefront of mainstream investing, with many of the world’s largest trading platforms now catering to the needs consumer and institutional cryptography,” Bitstamp CEO Julian Sawyer said, according to Finance Magnates. “We have seen interest surge in the years since the pandemic, and crypto has become part of the larger conversation on global macro issues. The survey shows something we have been advocating for a long time, talking about the survival of digital assets is definitely over, the question is now about evolution.

Crypto is also gaining investor confidence as an asset class. Among retail respondents, 67% consider crypto a trustworthy investment, while only 11% say it is not trustworthy. Meanwhile, 70% of institutional respondents say it is a trustworthy investment, with 68% actively recommending digital currencies as part of their clients’ investment strategy.

Bitstamp’s survey involved 28,563 respondents from 23 countries in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, North America and the Middle East. The respondents are made up of 23,113 retail investors and 5,450 senior institutional investment strategy decision-makers.

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